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What determines transformational capacity?


A new paper published today tests the effect of attachment to place and identity on transformational capacity through a survey of peanut farmers in Queensland, Australia. There were proposals for a large-scale move of the peanut industry from SE Queensland to Katherine in the Northern Territories as an adaptation to anticipated climate change. This move, involving the translocation of processing and services and other support to the sector, and migration of individual farming families would constitute a transformation. In the climate change literature, attachment to place and occupational identity are often posited as supporting adaptive capacity; however our analysis shows that they are likely to undermine transformational capacity. In this way we show how transformation may require a different set of capacities than adaptation.

The paper came about as part of a very fruitful collaboration with colleagues at CSIRO in Australia and was led by Nadine Marshall of the Sustainable Ecosystems Division, based in Townsville Queensland. Nadine also stars in the wonderful ‘video abstract’ summarising the paper.
Here are the details:
Transformational capacity and the influence of place and identity

Authors: Marshall, N., Park, S, Adger, N., Brown. K., Howden, M

Environmental Research Letters  7 (2012) 034022.

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  1. Architesh panda

    Hi Katrina, Quite a bit of work on transformational adaptation till now emerged from Australian case studies and very important findings have been mentioned. Apart from that, many studies on disaster risk reduction and tranformative approaches have been forwarded by Mark Pelling in many articles. Many of these works apart from Australian case studies have dealt with conceptual approaches and many other works have just mentioned it in title of the paper and have not discussed really anything inside the paper about this approach. What do you think a proper first hand definition of Transformationl adaptation could be ? I understand it is not a continuation of incremental adaptation rather then a more radical shift in system function but where is the boundary between the two?? Regards and Thanks

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