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Social Ecological Resilience and Human Security

My chapter on ‘Social Ecological Resilience and Human Security’ is published this month in a new book edited by the Linda Synga, Karen O’Brien and Johanna Wolf. In it I argue that resilience and human security concepts and approaches are potentially complementary,  providing powerful and useful analytical insights to how societies are able to respond to change, to support policy and practice.

The book originated in a Global Environmental Change and Human Security Conference some time ago and has a superb set of international authors. It aims to “inspire new ways of understanding the relationship between environmental change and human security. A Changing Environment for Human Security: Transformative Approaches to Research, Policy and Action both supports and informs a call for new, transformative approaches to research, policy and action. The chapters in this book include critical analyses, case studies and reflections on contemporary environmental and social challenges, with a strong emphasis on those related to climate change. Human thoughts and actions have contributed to an environment of insecurity, manifested as multiple interacting threats that now represent a serious challenge to humanity. Yet humans also have the capacity to collectively transform the economic, political, social and cultural systems and structures that perpetuate human insecurities”

The book is published Routledge and further details can be found here 

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