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Resilience 2014 déjà vu, and Resilience 2017 Hallå!

logo1920x940Resilience 2014 was an extraordinary gathering of a science and policy community. We basked in glorious sunshine of Montpellier, enjoyed the finest hospitality of the Languedoc and explored a host of resilience and development related topics. The conference had a terrific buzz and energy, fierce debates, and much good cheer and collegiality. A clear community has been established – so we met many old friends and made even more new ones. We had a great group of researchers from Exeter participating at the conference.

I was fortunate to be a member of the Scientific Committee for the conference. Strenuous efforts were made to bring two very different scholarly and policy communities together to engineer an encounter and a discussion about resilience between Social Ecological Systems and development fields –the area also central to the book I was writing at the time, Resilience, Development and Global Change.

Francois Bousquet and Aurelie Botta from CIRAD were the courageous and visionary organisers of the conference and they have also been central in following up and facilitating reflection and learning from the conference. They have recently launched a website to act as a means of keeping records of experiences, outputs and outcomes from the conference – you can view it and add to it here. Part of this process is also a joint authored paper led by Francois and Aurelie just published in Ecology and Society, which synthesizes the discussions and captures the scientific advances and findings presented in the sessions; the paper, Resilience and Development: Mobilising for Transformation can be accessed here.

This comes as an important time, because Resilience 2017 will take place in Stockholm Sweden next August. More information is available here and calls are now open for proposals for abstracts. I am on the Scientific Committee too! I will be tracking the theme on ‘Social Ecological Transformations for Sustainability’.

I look forward to seeing you in Stockholm next year.

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