Understanding our responses to environmental change

People, Poverty & Carbon

I have been involved in research on forests for some years, examining the social dynamics of forest-cover change. My more recent research has involved interrogating the assumptions made about opportunities for development benefits of climate change mitigation through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This work involved analysing carbon forestry projects in developing countries.

I’ve worked with researchers and PhD students including Esteve Corbera, Emily Boyd and Janet Fisher on various projects. This has led to a number of publications discussing the institutional and governance dimensions of carbon forestry and carbon offsetting, and the future of the CDM. For example, research at the Tyndall Centre on Evaluating Policy Options for the Clean Development Mechanism: A Stakeholder Multi-criteria Approach (PDF). We have latterly examined the implications of these experiences for REDD, with a major review paper (co-authored with Esteve Corbera and Manuel Estrada) published in Climatic Change. This work takes lessons from carbon forestry projects and deforestation initiatives and applies the lessons to REDD.

Publications from this work include:

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries: revisiting the assumptions
Offsetting benefits: Analysing access to forest carbon