Understanding our responses to environmental change

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Current PhDs and post docsflowers

My past PhD’s are listed here and my current PhDs and post docs include:

  • Tom James, has just completed his PhD examining the role of social ecological innovation in Cornish communities’ transitions to more sustainable systems.
  • Lucy Szaboova works on the apparent ‘well-being paradox’ in Cornwall, and has developed important insights into how ecosystem services contribute to wellbeing.
  • And working on the AXA Outlook Project with me is Alex Huke
  • Lucy Faulkner is researching how community resilience relates to collective action, undertaking case studies in Cornwall and South Africa.
  • Alice Venn is based at Bristol University and is studying how human rights approaches relate to climate change, interrogating notions around environmental and climate justice, and using a case study of Fiji in the South Pacific.
  • Michalis Revmatas works on my SPACES project. His PhD examines the social construction of values of mangroves, and he is working in Kenya.
  • Tom Chaigneau works as a post doc on SPACES and he leads work on wellbeing and coastal ecosystem services. He has done extensive and multi-methods data collection in both Kenya and Mozambique.
  • Tara Quinn works as a post doc on MAGIC and has particular interest in how place attachment influences peoples’ understanding and responses to flood risks, and on institutional framings of climate change adaptation and associated risks.

Past PhDs and post docs
My past PhDs and post docs are an impressive set of alumni, and include:

  • Alice Kaudia, Social Forestry in Kitui District Kenya, PhD awarded 1996
  • Suren Batagoda Sustainable Forest Management in Sri Lanka, PhD awarded 1998
  • Siri Eriksen, Vulnerability and Adaptation to Environmental Change in Eastern Kenya, PhD awarded 2000
  • Jennifer Leith, Political Ecology of Transmigration and Environmental Change in Indonesia, PhD awarded 2001
  • Emma Tompkins, Trade-off Analysis for Coastal Management and Conservation, PhD awarded 2001
  • Rebecca Clark, Economics of Soil Erosion and Conservation in Sri Lanka, PhD awarded 2001
  • Mark Infield, The Culture of Conservation: Exclusive Landscapes, Beautiful Cows and Conflict Over Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda  PhD awarded 2002
  • Marcia Muchagata, Shaping the Frontier: Farmers’ organisations, collective action and environment in Amazonia, PhD awarded 2002
  • Sergio Rosendo, Social Sustainability and Rainforest Conservation in Amazonia,  PhD awarded 2002
  • Valma Jessamy, Natural Hazard Mitigation and Development Planning in the Eastern Caribbean. PhD awarded 2003
  • Emily Boyd, Forest post-Kyoto: Global Priorities and Local Realities. PhD awarded 2004 (ESRC studentship)
  • Aili Pyhala, Socio-economics of biodiversity conservation and development: A Case Study of the region of Allpahuayo-Mishana-Nanay. PhD awarded 2004
  • David Hutchinson, Institutional fit in tropical ecosystems: A test using marine protected areas. PhD awarded 2004 (NERC/ESRC studentship)
  • Lisa Schipper, Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries: Policy Responses to Enhance Resilience in El Salvador PhD awarded 2004
  • Natasha Grist, Natural resource management in colonist livelihoods in western Amazonia PhD awarded 2005
  • Esteve Corbera Elizalde, Interrogating development in carbon forest projects: A case study of Mexico PhD awarded 2005
  • Nadine Renaudeau d’Arc, Community wildlife management of vicuna in Andes. PhD awarded 2005
  • Sirkku Juhola, Deconstructing Agricultural Biodiversity PhD awarded 2005
  • Johanna Wolf, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Coastal Communities PhD awarded 2006
  • Mike Robbins, Agriculture, Carbon Sequestration and Poverty (NERC/ESRC studentship) PhD awarded 2007
  • Patricia Almaguer Kalixto, Puebla Panama Plan in Mexico (CONACYT funded) PhD awarded 2008
  • Louisa Evans,  Knowledge and Science Interactions in marine conservation systems in East Africa.  NERC/ESRC studentship PhD awarded 2008
  • Kerstin Pfliegner, The Impacts of Joint Forest Management on Forest Condition, Livelihoods and Governance: Case studies from Morogoro Region in Tanzania PhD awarded 2011
  • Jacopo Baggio, Resilience and Network Analysis, ESRC funded, PhD awarded 2011.
  • Geraldine Terry, Climate change and insecurity on a Gisu hillside ESRC awarded 2011.
  • Janet Fisher, Payments for Ecosystem Services in Forests, ESRC funded awarded 2011.
  • Lucy Baker, CDM and energy governance in South Africa (ESRC Studentship) PhD awarded 2013
  • Naima Abdulla Besta, Gender intra-household relations and seaweed farming in Tanzania (Ford Foundation) PhD awarded 2013
  • Wei Shen CDM governance in China (Tyndall Centre studentship) PhD awarded, 2013
  • Tom Chaigneau Support for Marine Protected Areas in Philippines (NERC/ESRC studentship) ) PhD awarded , 2013

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