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Climate Change, Poverty and Resilience

Our new project, entitled ‘You, Me and Our Resilience: Cross-cultural insights on Resilience, Poverty and Climate Change,’ was recently launched at AXA headquarters in Paris. This innovative project explores the shared experiences of flood-hit and vulnerable communities in Kenya and UK, with the aim of building resilience for those affected by climate change and extreme weather events.

The project uses an established type of participatory drama called Forum Theatre, and a performance derived from people’s experiences of storms and flooding in coastal communities in Kenya will be developed.

The project is being funded by the AXA Research Fund and will be working with the charity S.A.F.E Kenya who use street theatre and other forms of participatory drama to address social and environmental issues.

Wema Center, Angela Cotton.  June 20, 2007©S.A.F.E.Kenya  S.A.F.E. Pwani group

Our project is the first ‘Outlook’ project funded by AXA. You can see a short film by AXA about it here You can read about the 38 AXA funded projects here

Axa Research Fund Award©Benjamin Boccas     At the award ceremony

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