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Adding insult to injury: climate change, social stratification, and the inequities of intervention

The latest issue of Global Environmental Change (GEC) highlights some powerful and important work, in a special section edited by Elizabeth Marino and Jesse Ribot. It examines how the plans and discourses designed to address climate change produce new inequalities and explores the needs for new kinds of responses to guard against such injustices.  This builds on an earlier editorial published in GEC by Barnett and O’Neil on Maladaptation (2011).

This special issue discusses some of the new opportunities and risks associated with climate-change discourses and interventions: from the emergence of desalination water-projects and contested water-access; relocation planning in the Arctic and the South Pacific due to sea-level rise; increasingly centralised forest-management, to how mitigation and adaptation responses and interventions create their own critical outcomes.

This work shows that vulnerable communities may be at risk of material injury following climate change or climate change intervention. They may be further insulted and injured by lack of representation and recognition, and by misrecognition as simplified, stereotyped victims in local, national and international climate conversations.

Volume 22, Issue 2, Pages 323-558 (May 2012) 

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